Comet of the Century

It cleared today and I figured this was my one and only chance to observe the comet PanStarrs, so I sojourned to the site of Lew’s Garage, proper, this night of March 13, 2013. There I did observe the comet, and managed to obtain this image of it, although I must say it’s a little rough around the edges, and certainly doesn’t do justice to the entire experience. It was getting colder and the ice in the fields was freezing hard and letting me know about it with a background of crackling sounds. I might have thought I was in the arctic. I certainly felt cold enough.

It looked a little better through my Celestron 9X63 binoculars than the image would indicate, but it was fleetingly visible, as it was on the verge of being obscured on the horizon just as the sky darkened sufficiently to see it. So, all in all, a major triumph.